We cover a wide variety of scalp/balding concerns. Below are the most common concerns when it comes to your appearance. Nothing shows better results than pictures. Please see our gallery for all the satisfied customers we've had over the years.

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  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Fut & Fue Scars
  • Increase Density of Thinning Hair
  • Women's Hair Density
  • Alopecia

Male Pattern Baldness | Before and After

Male 25

This client has Alopecia and came in looking to get micropigmentation done for the front and back. This is his second session of micropigmentation, even though it looks good, we will do a third to make it better.

Male 29

Had a receding hairline and loss hair all the way to Norwood 7. Barbershop edged up line per clients request. Our lines are clean, straight and precise. Micropigmentation is an art and skill that is perfected through time and practice.

Male 27

"Scalp micropigmentation exceeded my expectations. I now feel younger and more confident!"

This client wanted the micropigmentation look more natural and asked that we make it look like it was thinning and receded.

Male 33

Receding hairline, Norwood 2-3, scalp micropigmentation, to replicate hair follicles. Edged up barbershop line per client request.

FUE FUE | Before and After 

Increasing Density of Thinning Hair | Before and After

Women's Hair Density | Before and After

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